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HDCAM Professional Disc SxS PRO
HDCAM solutions allow prestigious results on standard definition budgets. It's the ideal medium for drama, documentaries, commercials and mainstream television programming. XDCAM HD Professional Disc combines true HD picture quality with a high recording capacity and the advantages of nonlinear, file-based production. Sony SxS PRO™ has been developed for increasing the efficiency of workflow, fulfilling the demand from professional camcorders and non-linear video editing systems, for higher performance and reliability.
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Digital Master HDCAM SR Digital Betacam
Digital Master™ is making HD accessible and affordable. It’s the perfect partner for HDV equipment and brings all the high quality advantages of 1080i HD pictures. HDCAM SR delivers unparalleled picture quality and ultra-mild signal compression for the most demanding applications such as special effects, archiving and film mastering. Since its launch in 1994, the Digital Betacam format has set the benchmark in mainstream high-end digital acquisition, post-production and transmission.
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DVCAM is a professional digital 6 mm video format. It delivers the superior image quality that DV compression affords and is ideal for high-quality editing and low-cost acquisition. MPEG IMX tapes are designed for reliability, durability and to support high-density recording. It represents a major step forward for broadcast infrastructures. For all other products please check here.
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