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Light is a fundamental part of everyone's lives, it defines the world around us and defines the shapes, colours and textures of our surroundings. Light is the "raw material" for creating visual images. Whether the medium is still photography, motion film, video or computer-generated images, light forms the basis of everything you see. basis of everything you see. basis of everything you see.

We at ProVideo pay close attention to Lighting technologies and bring you only the best on the market. Explore the products that out partners have to offer and light up your production...


TV Video & Film Lighting

Location and Studio Fresnels offer style, durability,
performance and efficiency.Ideal general purpose keylight
and backlight for televition studios and motion picture.



Luz Fria Studio (LFS) produces more lumen per watt
than conventional tungsten lamps resulting in less
heat emission, less power consumpt ion and save on
air -conditioing.
Luz Fria Studio represents ideal softlight and baselight with good efficiency and low amount of shadow produced.

          More about Dexel products you can find out here.

Lighting Control

The Dimmerpack Prodigi is the result of the development
and application of the latest digital technology according
to international and safety standards, taking into account
the needs of our clients, after many years of experience
in supplying control and lighting equipments.

Video Support

Small and lightweight, the 701HDV fluid video head boasts several new features taking inspiration from Manfrotto’s top professional head models and is capable of accomodating a payload of up to 4 kg.


Photo Support

One of the major features that we are proud to claim is that the 190CX use 100% carbon fiber tubes manufactured using the most cutting edge techniques.

You will see that in our ads and in the leaflet that we will underlined the theme of the quality of the carbon is very present.

          More about Manfrotto products you can find out here.

Lighting Support

If the Super Clamp is one of our most popular best sellers,is one of our most popular best sellers, we are confident that this even more versatile product will hit the market and steal the scene to its big brother.

Its reduced size is the most important plus: the 386B Nano Clamp, is 4 kg of payload in 110 grams of weight and the
right size for any pocket.
Proven Professional

Fresnel Lighting


The De Sisti Leonardo range of Fresnels were developed to meet all of the requirements of lighting professionals

including versatility, rugged, durable construction, optical efficiency and control. The Leonardo Series of Fresnels are offered in both “Studio” and “Piccolo-Location” sizes and

are available from 1000W up to the 24000W.



Fluorescent Lighting

The De Lux compact fluorescent units are the perfect fill light and set light to compliment any studio or video package. The original DeLux design has been modified to offer a fluorescent fixture without the need of a bulky, exterior “intensifier”.
              More about Desisty products you can find out here

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