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Digital Signage is a great way to communicate with customers. However, to be successful, you need to create, schedule, deliver and manage it in the best possibile way for your business. The solution? Sony Ziris.
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The decision to choose digital signage as a means to promote your business looks an easy one, with the theory of offering great flexibility in the way you push vital messages and information. But then you have to think about how you create the impactful content, refresh it so it doesn’t go stale, distribute it, and then embrace the opportunity to include many types of multimedia formats to catch the eye of customers who may want to spend but not in your store… until now…..

Getting a system up and running smoothly is no easy task, even if what you need is just a single-site, local solution. It’s not just about deploying screens in the strategic locations where they’ll be seen, it’s about creating the right type of content to go on them, and then ensuring that content is played out accurately, at the correct time to the audience who matter most – your customers. To achieve this, you’ll be thinking of a digital signage network.

These, however, are typically complex and often comprise a variety of hardware types and software tools that can be difficult to deploy and maintain, and sometimes don’t work together as well as they should. But there is a better way to go – Sony Ziris is a simple, modular solution that makes it easy to deploy the exact functionality you need for your environment to achieve that all-important share-of-wallet with the least overhead.

The four principal components of the Ziris system, Ziris Create, Ziris Transfer, Ziris View and Ziris Manage, are designed to work seamlessly together - and can be mixed and matched to give you a completely tailored solution whether you want single screens in a single location, or a global, integrated system that's fully coordinated for optimum performance. Plus, with the expertise of Sony Professional Services available to help design and install your solution, you have full peace of mind that it will be deployed quickly and reliably.

With Sony Ziris, you can create the content easily, manage it simply, transfer it wherever you need to, and even use a wide range of display technologies, including PCs. So, to focus your customers' attention on the content you want them to see, click on the links below to find out more.
Ziris Create / Ziris Create Lite: Turn your visions into reality
Ziris Create application software allows users to ingest content, create playlist and schedule playout at of content from each of the Ziris View networked players.

Ziris Manage / Ziris Manage Lite: Check it's all running smoothly.
Ziris Manage application software monitors networked playout devices, reports their status, it enables power control of displays and projectors, and switching of their inputs and provides status of other Ziris applications.

Ziris Transfer: Get your message to the right place.
In large-scale systems, Ziris Transfer ensures scheduled, reliable and robust distribution of content.

Ziris View / Ziris Manage Lite: Display it for all to see.
Ziris View application software emulates a network player, playing scheduled content onto the local display as per the given schedule, provided by Ziris Create.
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